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Bartlett People

People are The Bartlett School of Architecture's greatest resource. The united appetite of staff, students and visitors for ambitious architectural exploration underpins the School’s international reputation for excellence.

The School now has over 200 staff, including over 30 full-time academics, teaching fellows and professional services staff, as well as a large cohort of part-time researchers and consultants. Many of these are immensely successful practitioners working from London and overseas in a diverse spectrum of activities. Our staff list includes architects, artists, designers, fabricators, film-makers, historians, photographers, technologists, theorists, urbanists and writers. They generate the school’s deep sense of curiosity, passion and inventiveness in architecture as a core subject and a discipline of the built environment, both creatively and critically.

Chair of The Bartlett School of Architecture: Professor Frédéric Migayrou
Director of The Bartlett School of Architecture: Professor Bob Sheil