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Volume 48: Woolwich - Draft chapters

The full draft text of the Woolwich volume was made available online in advance of publication in 2012. Only minor alterations ensued. There is a map to explain the chapter divisions, but there are no other illustrations. References are in a separate file.

View online or download each chapter of Volume 48 as a PDF.

Map explaining Volume 48 chapter divisions


Chapter 1: Central Riverside Area

Chapter 2: Woolwich Dockyard Area

Chapter 3: The Royal Arsenal

Chapter 4: Powis Street and Green's End Areas

Chapter 5: Wellington Street Area

Chapter 6: St Mary's and Morris Walk Areas

Chapter 7: Royal Artillery Barracks and Royal Military Repository Areas

Chapter 8: Cardwell and Woodhill Areas

Chapter 9: Brookhill Road Area

Chapter 10: Woolwich Common and Royal Military Academy Areas

References and List of Abbreviations